Sensing Minerality: an article in Wine Business Monthly

WBM April 2013 Cover

As some of you know, my professional training finds home in the rigors of philosophy. The discipline’s approach takes step number 1 as clarity–asking what exactly are we talking about becomes an integral aspect of any conversation.

Wine Business Monthly hired me to write a freelance article on the rather esoteric subject of minerality. It’s a topic, I believe, that is relevant to considerations of wine but has found issue from being used inconsistently. With that in mind, the article looks at interviews with people knowledgable on the subject, and at current scientific research on it to consider different ways the term minerality is being used, and what we know about the causes of the different qualities behind each of those uses.

If you’re interested in reading more, you can find the article in the current April issue of Wine Business Monthly, available beginning today.

Here’s the direct link to the article (you sign in at no cost):

There’s lots of other interesting stuff in the April issue including examination of how the heck Optical Grape Sorters work (I find this fascinating), and analysis of both the North Coast AVA and the San Joaquin growing region.

If you’d like to see the magazine in an interactive pdf, click here:

In the pdf version the Minerality article appears on page 28.


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