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  1. The Butterfly Effect: How the death of a fad gave birth to beautiful color in wine, Part 4: Surveying Technique, Terroir | Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews

    [...] to their site. Vineyard Manager and Winemaker, Steve Matthiasson, explains that its as if vines develop memory over time of how to respond to varying climate and soil conditions. Younger vin…. As a result, the younger the vine, the more relevant the plant’s age and clone are to the [...]

  2. Doing an Acid Tasting: Thinking briefly about tartaric and malic acids | Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews

    [...] Recognizing the apparent acidity level of a wine is one of the primary elements of a formalized wine tasting regimen. Parsing the two primary acid types adds a further layer of recognition in the wine experience, as well as insight into other aspects of a wine. [...]

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