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  1. Tom Riley
    Tom Riley at | | Reply

    Here’s to a prosperous and edifying summer for everyone! May the flies be small and few, the fish big and plentiful.

  2. Arnold Waldstein
    Arnold Waldstein at | | Reply

    I enjoyed reading this.
    Complete opposite of my reality.
    As a second generation American, connection is to the place that was adopted after the true nightmares of where my relatives came from.
    So to me, how Jewish immigrants brought chunks of yiddish culture and pieces of Poland and Russia in their minds and layered it on the Lower East Side and the South and West Bronx is my sense of cultural nostalgia.
    Have a great week.

  3. Jeremy Parzen
    Jeremy Parzen at | | Reply

    Another summer of adventure begins for both mamma and jr.

    Love this post, Hawk Wakawaka, and am looking forward to what your summer brings.

    If wine and wine blogging are to be a healthy part of family life, then family life needs to be a healthy part of wine blogging and wine… I’m with you all the way…

    Happy summer! :)

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