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  2. Two Shepherds, William Allen
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    Hi Elaine
    Thanks for taking the time to review the Syrah, and trying to be kind to a bottle, that its quite apparent to me was not itself. A winemaker knows a wine like his children, and this one was clearly having a bad day. I have tasted wine with you and know and trust your palate, so I have no doubt what you transcribed was what the bottle gave, but its also clear to me, thats far from its normal expression. I can assure you, I would have never put my name on it, as you know Syrah is near to my heart.

    Its also been well received, reviewed and highly regarded by other writers, whose palates I also know and trust, and at July IPNC it was a huge favorite amongst a group of Oregon winemakers at a dinner, where we branched out from Pinot :)

    I have observed it does appear to be quite sensitive, (especially to heat, more so than normal) and have had personal instances of bottle variation as well, odd because this was a vintage where I filtered.

    While there is no doubt 2011 was a very challenging year for 2011, the end of vintage was modest, and allowed the syrah to hang until Oct 19th, when it was picked at 23 brix, so I think it did get sufficient ripening time.

    The wine is now sold out, but I have kept some in stash for future pourings as I think it has excellent aging potential. Hopefully we can share a bottle together some day.

    cheers and thanks for the love of syrah.

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