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A wine drawing philosopher with a heart of gold. aka. #firekitten

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  1. Mel
    Mel at | | Reply

    So wonderful!
    Such love!

  2. Jen Babcock
    Jen Babcock at | | Reply

    So sweet and powerful!

  3. Charlotte
    Charlotte at | | Reply

    Elaine…you made me cry, so powerful and I can so feel you mean it too.
    I’m so glad you girls have such support in each other. hugs from Paula’s norwegian friend in SF

  4. Priscilla
    Priscilla at | | Reply

    Elaine, such a sweet statement full of sisterly love! Hugs from Paula’s childhood swim friend.

  5. Lisa Hughes
    Lisa Hughes at | | Reply

    My beautiful friend Paula, Your sister is right,,Your kindness and grace never ceases to amaze me,,and I feel honored to call you my friend.
    Besides you Rock the BIG 50 ,,,Love you and have fun celebrating,

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