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A Look at the Aftermath of the Napa Earthquake in Men’s Health

Mens Health Earthquake“Does anyone know where the pets’ food ended up?” Jill Klein Matthiasson calls out over the noise. A jack hammer cracks against what was the brick staircase to the front door of her historic yellow farmhouse, while 10 of us—volunteers and friends—pack and move boxes from the first floor. The entire house will have to be lifted and put back onto its foundation.

On August 24, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake hit the southern part of Napa Valley in California, otherwise known as the California Wine Country. The next day, the Matthiassons…

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Men’s Health asked me to answer the question whether volume loss of wine from the earthquake would mean wine disappearing from shelves, and prices going up.

In the article, I talk with Steve and Jill Matthiasson, Craig Camp, Carole Meredith, Jim Caudill, and others.

Thanks to Janice Cable, and Eric Spitznagel.