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    Very good & informative review / story…we do not see too many South American Syrahs in this neck of the woods (Australia) but, as with many recent South American wines, I am sure they are doing a bang up job…historically, Syrah is reported to have come from Iran – hence the name Shiraz here in Oz…climatically, temperature does appear to have quite the serious impact on how the grape matures & what flavours (Oz spelling) develop…

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    Hi Duncan, So glad to see you here. I appreciate your comment. Yes, I’m reviewing an Australian Shiraz tomorrow and discuss the history back to Persia in that post. On Monday, when I began the week on Syrah, I mentioned that the story about Syrah/Shiraz is contested with some saying it came over from what is now Iran, and others claiming it originated in Rhone. I admire the way the Australian industry has fully committed to honoring one view of the grape’s origin with the name connecting to the town name. Love thinking through the history of wine in these ways! Glad you’re here, hope you’ll keep reading and commenting! Elaine

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