Driving California Wine (pictures): Day 2: Kunin Wines, Grassini Family Vineyards

My apologies. The web hosting for my site changed today, and with it a whole bunch of details look a mess. There is also a challenge on linkage. Currently if you type “WakawakaWineReviews.com” to get here, you won’t. You’ve got to add the “www” to the start of it. I think that’s just silly though, so I’m getting it fixed so that either will work. In the meantime, please link with the www included. Thanks!

Now photos!

Thank you to Seth and Magan Kunin.

Thank you to Andrew Levi and Mandy Grassini.

Thank you to Dan Fredman.

Some of these pictures taken by Katherine–thank you!

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  1. Fascinating to meet and talk with Andrew.

    (also, this comment is a test but the comment is also true. Cheers!)

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