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  1. Terroirist: A Daily Wine Blog » Daily Wine News: Ribolla Gialla

    [...] Hawk Wakawaka posts a three-part series (one, two, three) about her visit to “Ribolla Gialla [...]

  2. リボッラ・ジャッラ | PPCVINO | 厳選ワイン・ニュース

    [...] ヴェア氏の独自のブランド (イメージ:WakawakaWineReviews.comより) [...]

  3. Attending Ribolla Gialla University, Part 5: Russian River Valley Ribolla Gialla | Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews

    [...] Bowland wanted to incorporate white grapes, and so turned to UC Davis to find cuttings for plants less known in the area. As a result, in 2010, he budded over a half acre total of both Fiano, and Greco, and also purchased all of the cuttings the university had of Ribolla Gialla–enough for two rows. In 2011, Bowland was then able to bud over three more rows of Ribolla, taken from his own young plants, leading to 3/4 of an acre now total–the second largest planting of the variety in North America (to the Vare Vineyards 2 1/2 acres). [...]

  4. Terroirist: A Daily Wine Blog » BREAKING: George Vare, 1936-2013

    [...] February piece on orange wines and her four-part series on “Ribolla Gialla University.” One; Two; Three; [...]

  5. Attending Ribolla Gialla University, Part 6: The Vare Vineyard Tasting, Arlequin Wine Merchant | Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews

    [...] it up–while simultaneously meant to take seriously the work started here in California by George Vare. He studied the potentials of the grape through on going conversations with winemakers in Slovenia [...]

  6. Attending Ribolla Gialla University, Part 7: The Matthiasson Vineyard, Napa | Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews

    [...] Viticulture Services, connecting, as a result, almost immediately with George Vare, as well as Vare’s home vineyard of Ribolla Gialla and Cabernet Sauvignon. The 2.5 acres of Ribolla promised new insights for Matthiasson into the [...]

  7. Discover Ribolla Gialla and Friulano in Italy’s Friuli-Venezia Giulia region | Vindulge

    [...] in CA. I’ve been reading a beautifully written series on Ribolla grown in California on the blog Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews. It’s worth a read if you are curious about how this grape does outside [...]

  8. Saveur Announces 2014 Best Food Blog Award Finalists | Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews

    […] Fink and I first met thanks to a mutual friend, Melissa Sutherland, over a private Ribolla Gialla tasting I organized. We’ve since kept in touch and were able to tour Dry Creek Valley here in […]

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