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  1. Saundra Brewer
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    interesting, informative article–I enjoyed it and passed it on to another diatom devotee.

  2. Devoted to the Sta Rita Hills: Tasting wine near the edge of the world | Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews

    [...] Along Highway 246 there is a prevalence of diatomaceous soils, that is, to put it simply, sand. The vineyards planted here struggle in wind and lack of natural born water, depending on irrigation in the midst of no ground cover and no rain. Winemakers like Greg Brewer have found a way to devote themselves to the starkness of such conditions, offering wines with a vivid saline and seaweed finish. One of my favorites, the Melville Inox, gives the sense of shooting an oyster with rock salt on top. [...]

  3. Escaping Convention: Calibrating to Stark Conditions, a Conversation with Greg Brewer | Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews

    [...] a desirable way. But Brewer is describing to me the advantages of what Ted Lemon also emphasized, protected vineyards in extreme areas. Brewer adds his own spin to the notion, “it’s like being in the bosom of something. [...]

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