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  1. A Winemaking Philosophy: Guest Post by Tyler Thomas, Donelan Wines

    [...] While obtaining a B.S. and M.S. in Botany and Plant Molecular Biology, I was fascinated with plant physiology: how a static organism could adapt/interact so well to its environment. Winemaking is a wonderful professional avenue to enjoy the fruits of such interaction in a way that brings pleasure to so many people. In this industry my focus has almost exclusively been with producers who sought to maximize wine quality (and hence, your pleasure) by maximizing our understanding of any particular place and bringing forth that expression with deft work in the cellar. My desire is to produce wines of great and special character consistently and efficiently each vintage. Read more at Wakawaka Wine Reviews… [...]

  2. Tyler Thomas Joins Dierberg & Starlane Vineyards | T. Edward Wines

    [...] months ago, Thomas was featured as a guest writer on Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews where he wrote the following paragraph on his philosophy of winemaking, which provides a sneak [...]

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