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    [...] he began discussing chi within a few minutes of my arrival.” Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka spends some time with the original Rhone ranger, Randall [...]

  2. Patrick
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    Interesting article, but it needed copy editing:
    The Chinese chi is spelled either qi or ch’i
    punch-ins? try puncheons
    the point is mute? I think you mean moot
    can be easier to blind limestone soils? can you mean bind?

  3. David
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    Accoring to Dr. Roger Boulton at UC Davis, oxidation of wine primarily occurs from free iron and copper ions in the wine when in contact with dissolved oxygen. In limestone soils, where the pH of the soil is higher, there is less uptake of these ions from the soil. This could possibly explain the reason why some of these wines don’t exhibit oxidation… Randall Graham is an artisan for sure, and he has done much for Rhone varietals in California, but his romanticism of the subject can likely be explained by science.

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