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  1. fredric koeppel
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    What a wonderful experience. I treasure those long lunches with winemakers around the world, talking not just about wine and winemaking but about everything under the sun, compelled by beautiful wines and the proximity of the land where the vines grow. You are privileged ….and thank you for the dedication.

  2. Art Nathan
    Art Nathan at | | Reply

    I helped plant Smith-Madrone during the summer of ’72. I was a Viticulture student at Davis and got a job planting vines for Stu Smith. He was my first employer in the industry and I was one of his first employees. I would bring my camping gear and just sleep out under the stars while working. It was usually a 12 hour day, waking with the sun and working pretty much until sunlight was too dimished to work. Toward the end of the week I’d run out of beer & soda, so it was a trip back to Davis to do a load of wash and re-supply. As I recall, I was planting mostly Pinot Noir and Riesling vines, own rooted, in 4″ pots from Oki Nursery (since closed) in Sacramento. I’m retired now after 40 vintages but certainly have very fond memories of those early days…

  3. Aaron B
    Aaron B at | | Reply

    These brothers are two of my idols in the business. What a great story. If only I could have been around in those early days when land was cheaper in the valley. Thank you for taking the time to bring their story out. They have been making fantastic wines up there for so long; I have had the pleasure of tasting a few and I look forward to more.

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