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  1. Terroirist: A Daily Wine Blog » Daily Wine News: Superhero Sommelier

    [...] “Not just anyone can be a superhero. There must be something iconic in the person, a character that exemplifies archetypal traits and symbolism. Recently I had an epiphany for a Superhero Sommelier, and finally have had the time to draw her.” Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka anoints Carla Rzeszewski as a “Superhero Sommelier.” [...]

  2. Jeremy Parzen
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    Hawk Wakawaka, I love your work and I love your drawings. And today, to be gently reminded of the wonderful drawing you made of us really lifted my heart… we’ve been having a tough time, now three days late for Baby P 2013’s arrival… we’re exhausted and Tracie P is really uncomfortable… It’s so tough to take care of a very pregnant lady and a toddler and be working fulltime… thanks so much for this… it really brought the biggest smile to my otherwise weary face… so glad to know you and for our friendship… thanks for this… abbraccio

  3. World of Fine Wine Issue 43 | Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews

    […] Carla Rzeszewski, Jr, and I first visited Varner together, thanks to the introductory efforts of Dan Fredman, and a further recommendation from Jon Bonné. She and I spent a lot of time talking about their wines after, and those conversations came with me through the other visits and tastings I was able to do with the Varners. In many ways I wrote the article for Carla–she was the original motivation–to celebrate those conversations we shared. Love to you, Carla. […]

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