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A wine drawing philosopher with a heart of gold. aka. #firekitten

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  1. Chris Hilliard
    Chris Hilliard at | | Reply

    Would love to try the reserve.

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    [...] Elsewhere, Lily Elaine Hawk Wakawaka explores Clare Valley Riesling. [...]

  3. Shae Kinsman
    Shae Kinsman at | | Reply

    Love this piece, Elaine. Your vertical illustrations put a big smile on my face! Thanks for showing the world how intriguing and complex Australian Riesling can be…

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    [...] These types of acid concoctions are used in the production of candies like Fun Dip, Sweettarts, or Candy Necklaces and both the tartaric and malic acids offered a kind of powdery candy aspect without the sweetness. I had Junior taste both acids solutions as well. She remarked that the tartaric acid tasted like the inside of a Gobstopper, where as the malic was like a Candy Necklace. (She also hated it finding the malic acid especially hard to take.) [...]

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