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  1. Ron
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    Elaine. Thanks for the review. Since I live in Marin, I read Bonnie’s articles every week. I’m convinced you are on the cutting edge because I’m often surprised to see a wine or wine maker you wrote about appearing in one of Bonne’s columns a few weeks later.

    But I wanted to point out another book that I found fascinating and informative about California wines. What surprises me about this book is that very few people who I meet within the industry know about it. Maybe I just don’t hang out with the right crowd or I need to get a life and join the masses who simply find a wine they like and drink it. . However An Ideal Wine -one generations pursuit of perfection and profit in California, is a book that basically tells the story of California wine by comparing and contrasting two distinctly different types of winemaking/marketing. The foundation of the story profiles Leo McClosky who’s company consults with winemakers in pursuit of Parker’s 100 points and Randall Graham who pursues terroir and winemaking with no regard for Parker (although Graham is little more complicated to sum up in a few words). With this comparison as the bases, the book expands out to the other winemakers who have and are shaping California wines. Rarely do I read about wine in California without thinking about what I learned from this book.

    Thank you for all your writings.

  2. Patrick
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    So was the book perfect? I am just wondering if there were any possible minor flaws. Do you have any philosophical discrepancy with his somewhat personal approach?

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