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  1. the drunken cyclist
    the drunken cyclist at | | Reply

    Wonderful job as always, Elaine. Just curious, is the Meunier planted in parts of the vineyard where Pinot Noir would not be successful? I imagine that Meunier commands a far lower tariff…

  2. Matthew Rinkerman
    Matthew Rinkerman at | | Reply

    Great to see Martin and Dixie after so many years. Used to sell Van Der kamp sparkling many years ago.

  3. Tommy G.
    Tommy G. at | | Reply

    If you can find it, (well worth the effort), you must try Grafen Neipperg Samtrot Qba “Neipperger Schlossberg, Barrique” troken, Wurttemberg. Rick Schofield introduced me to this wine many years ago at an American Wine Society Conference. We were in a session entitled “Germany-Everything but Riesling”. Not knowing what grape was used in the vinification of the wine, as I swirled, sniffed then sipped I began to realize that this wine reminded me of Pinot Noir only bigger, bolder, louder almost obnoxious. It was as if Pinot Noir had a big brother from Jersy. As Rick continued to describe this wine he let us know that Samtrot was a name for Pinot Meunier in the local German dialect. I fell in love with Pinot Meunier that day. I’m still looking for its equal or anything close for that matter.

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