Two Bordeaux Blanc Blends: Signorello 2008 Seta, Chateau Haut Bian 2010


Bordeaux Blanc Blends

A good Bordeaux blanc carries the herbal-woody nose of Semillon, with the crisp fruit of the Sauvignon Blanc; the weighty middle palate of the Semillon, with the fresh acidity of the Sauvignon Blanc. The blend of the two grape varieties offers a light candy bouquet.

The following two wines represent two different quality levels, and origins for Bordeaux blancs, both great for white seafood, shellfish, or as an apertif.

Chateau Haut Rian 2010 Bordeaux Blanc

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The Chateau Haut Rian is a good value table wine with fresh, crisp citrus, tart green apple, and star fruit accompanied by dried grass and pleasing minerals. In the mouth there are also light notes of white pepper, and medium-plus acidity keeping the flavors distinctive and bright.

Signorello 2008 Seta Napa Valley

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The Seta 2008 by Signorella offers clean, fresh, distinctive flavors showing the herbal woody qualities of semillon balanced by the acidity and fruit of the sauvignon blanc. The flinty minerals bring a lovely balance. This is a nice quality wine that is a pleasure to drink.


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