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Pictures from a Wine Tasting


As mentioned on Wednesday’s post, I co-hosted an obscure-wine tasting this week along with the owner of Pizzicletta, Caleb Schiff. It was a total foodie-wine geek-artisan-political-philosophers event that included the Baker for Criollo, both a bartender and the wine buyer for The Wine Loft, the head chef for Cuvee 928, the manager of The Flagstaff Coffee Company, a jewelry maker at Will McNabb, a dentist on the Navajo Reservation, and a political philosopher activist working on immigration issues in Arizona. Commonality? We all love wine and food, and get along pretty damned well.

Here are some pictures. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be integrating in articles and reviews focusing on the collection of very unique wines.

Thanks so much to everyone that was able to participate, and to Caleb for hosting us at Pizzicletta. The food you provided was great too! Thank you!

The wines we selected were six unusual types. We opened with a still-white varietal from Piedmont, then moved into a series of five orange wines-three from Italian heavy hitters, and two from California. What a fantastic time!

Thanks to Kim for writing and asking me to do an orange wine focus. I’ll be writing up these five soon, and have four more we’ll taste later.


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