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Spring to Summer Wonki-Whoa-Whoas


Oh dear! This has been me this week.

I’d forgotten that Spring to Summer heat changes up here at high elevation (the thinner atmosphere, and lower oxygen levels come together to make a much drier climate and a higher impact on the human body when it comes to sun exposure and heat responses) can trigger migraines and overall health wonkiness for me. So, it turns out with the big heat increase up here at 7000 feet / 2134 meters hitting upper 70s, lower 80 F/ 25-26 C degree temperatures, after having snowed just at the end of the week, means migraine week for me. It’s been hard to concentrate. This evening I felt well enough to go get necessary groceries for the 12-year old’s school lunches but after arriving and grabbing her milk, I stood there for a long time trying to remember why else we were there. Bread! Thankfully she knew.

Anyway, hard to write blog posts when I can’t keep coherent thoughts together. Lots to write about though! Once my head-wheel is turning properly again there will be more on Kunin reds! Dominio IV reds! Perfect movie-and-wine pairings for Girl’s In Night. And others.

Everybody stay happy, be well, love each other lots. It’s a crazy world. Give hugs.

My heart is with Seattle tonight.

Let’s remember these loved ones in their vibrancy.

Shmootzi the Clod and Meshuguna Joe of God’s Favorite Beefcake performing “Isabella”


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