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NYC in pictures Day 5: Gottino


If you can believe it, my day yesterday was so busy I only got in a couple of pics–met Jordan at Tompkins Square and 9th Street Espresso; met up with Levi at Viande and then Central Park; met up with Melissa at Gottino in the West Village (that’s a lot of travel across the city).

Melissa and I talked for several hours and at the end I took a couple of pics of her at the entrance to Gottino. Though one photo is brief for a photo diary entry, Melissa is so beautiful here I had to share. Write up on Melissa’s work in wine retail to follow.

Melissa Sutherland


Thank you to Levi Dalton.

Thank you to Melissa Sutherland.

Hugs to Jordan Jenkins–so good to see you, even if briefly. Also, loved the blazer–nice choice, J’s mom!

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