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Driving California Wine 7: My (Alternate Universe) Life with Abe Schoener


Alternate Realities

In some universe only a few clicks alternate to our own, I am married to Abe Schoener. Our wedding was three days ago and the celebration was one of the most ruckus, fun, easy going, and hilarious love fests I’ve ever attended. Though we kept it low-key, photos of the ceremony nevertheless made it to the cover of Wine People Magazine, the wine celebrity gossip rag featured by every good grocery store check-out across the Alternate-United States.

Friends hologram-skyped in from all over the world, while a select few others were fully-physically present, giving a series of toasts teasing the Schoener-Wakawaka union for its Thor themed origins. Katherine stood with me as Abe and I held hands beside the brackish waters of Southern Napa, and he and I are now on our way to Spain to honeymoon with the grapes. Hawk Wakawaka Jr. (age 12) and Johanna Jensen have become fast friends and have big plans to play through Napa for the summer. It’s all very easy going and beautiful.

This Reality

In planning the drive up California Wine Country, and inviting Katherine to come with me, I advised that she keep in mind I’d be working, then asked her what she’d like to be sure and do. She answered thus, “I want to drink chardonnay, and hang out with Abe Schoener.” So we did.

In meeting with Abe, we were lucky enough too to connect with Abe’s right hand, Johanna Jensen, taste with Wine Maker Matthew Rorick of Forlorn Hope wines, and share dinner with Tegan Passalacqua of Turley Wine Cellars as well. Write-up to follow. In the meantime, here are photos.

Tasting with Matthew Rorick

Dinner with Tegan, Johanna, and Abe


Thank you most especially to Abe Schoener, and Johanna Jensen.

Thank you to Matthew Rorick.

Thank you to Tegan Passalacqua.

Some of these pictures taken by Katherine (and in the entire series of California pics, including any posts I might not have mentioned it)–thank you.

Dear Pam, thank you for hosting me last night. It’s been so good to be with you.


Katherine is now back in Flagstaff already. Today I shoot up the West Coast to Seattle (I’ll be driving into the night) where I will leave my car and then fly out to Bristol Bay, Alaska. My cell phone won’t work there. I’ll have some internet access but it’s unclear how much. My family will be commercial fishing for salmon.

It’s my first trip back in seven years. My family from all the way back still lives there on the windy Western Coast of Alaska in Spirit. They’ll be talking to me as I travel the tundra. I’ll post pics and explanations of the salmon industry, my family’s history, and the area, but also write-ups from the last two weeks of wine travel. Wish me luck. Alaska is a different world. When I speak to my parents these days the pace of conversation is intensely slow, their voices have slipped down into their belly, and they talk with a lilt of village accent. Soon I’m sure I’ll be doing the same. Cheers!


(As for you, alternate universe where I’m on my way to Spain sitting next to the surprise love of my alternate-life, you’re one of my favorite places to visit. Take good care of the fantasies.)

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