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Turning Home 2: Walking on the Beach


My family spends the summer commercial fishing for salmon here in Bristol Bay. My own story includes beginning this way with my mom fishing while pregnant with me from the start of June through the beginning of August, and me being born August 25. I began my more directly involved fishing career at the age of 9, became a business owner at 13, then sold at 23. I’m the only family member now that doesn’t still fish.

Since selling my salmon operation I’ve fished only a couple of summers to help out family members–my sister when she was pregnant and due mid-July instead of late August; my brother in law when he had to take medical leave after burning his arm and leg. This summer I’m just here to visit, cook meals, re-acquaint myself with the area, and hang with the kiddos–Hawk Wakawaka Jr (age 12), and her cousins age 10, 8, and 5. Plus hang with the rest of my family, of course.

My first morning in Naknek we went for a walk on the beach during the commercial fishing tide. Here are pics with the kids of surveying the fishing grounds, walking along the beach, and climbing the bluffs.

from left to right-Oliver (two-days from 5), Mari (10), Rachel (12)

Oliver–he turns 5 July 2

five cousins–in the water Ecola, and Ceara, on the beach Oliver, Mari, Rachel

my cousin Walter

this bluff is about 2 1/2 times higher than it looks in these photos. Mari was able to come racing down on her own, as shows in the next photo. but Rachel was trying to help Oliver down until suddenly I had to drop the camera and race up the bluff to rescue them both before they fell down the mud chute. we ended up laughing, with mud in our boots and all down our pants.

Later in the day I got to visit with my Aunty. My eyes are closed in the picture we got, but she looks so pretty. I love my Aunty.

Lots of love from where the devil lost his jacket–remote Alaska. So far from everywhere we drive a truck with an on/off switch instead of a key, without seat belts, and with doors that don’t shut.

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  1. I enjoyed so much the pictures and scenery of beautiful Alaska, which I have learned to love from visiting my sister, Mildred Mantle for about 35 years. Thanks for publishing this on facebook.

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