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Turning Home 4: Two Bald Eagles this Morning


Visiting the beach this morning there were two bald eagles–an adult, and a juvenile. Bald eagles feathers are gray until after their second year when they turn the more familiar white and brown combination. (To give you some vague sense of the birds size, and distance to me, I took these without a zoom lens.)

The adult:

The juvenile (next to a seagull in the first pic):


Still working on the wine write-ups. It takes a while out here staying in a house with 12 people.

The town I’m in is on the Western edge of Alaska, with less than 600 people in the winter months, while several ten thousand people move through it in the summer. There is one grocery store, with 90% mark up during the fishing season. The mechanic’s shop closed. There are no coffee shops. We had a high of 55 degrees Fahrenheit today. But the fish are also starting to come in–the drift boats and set nets sites both had their first bigger catch tides today.

Today is also my nephew’s fifth birthday. After several generations of only girls and women, little man gets to celebrate. Happy Birthday, Oliver! Happy to be here with you, and your other crazy family members. Love you lots.

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