Return to California 2 (pictures): Dirty and Rowdy Family Wines


Dirty and Rowdy Family Wines with Hardy Wallace and Kate Graham

Do you see how beautiful these people are? Have I said recently how grateful I am for my life? In the midst of following stories about wine, people invite me to be witness to their honest passions, the intimacy of what they most value, and often too the beauty of what they share in love. Hardy Wallace and Kate Graham were kind enough to have me for dinner. Hardy cooks meat. I love meat. And, after ten days in remote Alaska they helped me remember the beauty of fresh produce. Kate made a wonderful salad. We reveled in odd ball commonalities. Almost peed laughing about the idea of wearing wigs (I need to hear more specifics on these stories, you two!). Hardy really does smile as openly and often as these photos indicate. Kate has a heart that glows like the light in the last photo. I’m not gushing. These things are true. Can’t wait to write up their Dirty and Rowdy Family Wines–such a great project. Keep an eye out for them–they’ll hopefully be released mid-August. Write up soon to follow.

In the meantime, thank you to Hardy Wallace and Kate Graham for having me. I’m grateful.

Thank you to Dan Petroski.

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