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Return to California 6: Donelan Wines


Donelan Wines with Tyler Thomas

This morning I was lucky enough to spend with Tyler Thomas, the wine maker of Donelan wines in Santa Rosa. We talked for several hours about wine, philosophy, existentialism, wine science, vineyard science, and art. All mixed in with a portfolio of good quality wines that I enjoy drinking. I told Tyler it was the perfect combination of just enough geeking out (he even talked me through a thought experiment he did to sort out temperature effects on two different vineyard sites), just enough appreciation for the mystery, and both paired up with pleasurable wines–pretty perfect. We even touched on ideas of faith and spirituality, and their intertwined relation to science and analytics.

Write up to follow.

Thank you for taking time to meet with me and taste me through your wine, Tyler.

Thank you Dan Petroski for making the introduction.

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