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Touring the Castle and Tasting the Wines of Castello di Amaroso

Dario Sattui’s family had been making wine in California back in the 1800s, but, after a few generations, prohibition hit and the wine making industry through the state was largely lost. A fan of Medieval Italian history and architecture, Dario Sattui grew up to begin the well-established Napa Valley winery, V. Sattui. With its success, Sattui decided to fulfill a dream–a recognition of both his family history and his own love of Italy. After more than fifteen years of planning, design, and material scouting, Castello di Amorosa was born–a castle in the hills of Calistoga made with bricks of the Hapsburg Dynasty brought from Europe. Wines sold 100% direct to consumer. I admire the total dedication Sattui channeled into the building–full commitment to fulfilling a dream. Jim Sullivan was kind enough to give me a tour, and, with Assistant wine maker Peter Velleno, taste me through their Italian variety portfolio.

Thank you to Jim Sullivan, and Peter Velleno.

Thank you to Julie Ann Kodmur.

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  1. Thank you for taking your time to visit Castello di Amorosa. The images you posted are amazing- thank you. We thoroughly enjoyed your visit and look forward to your return in the very near future. As our winemaker, Peter Velleno discussed, we are very pleased with our current releases and excited about our wines to be released in the future.

    Warm regards,


    Jim Sullivan
    Vice President, Public Relations and Marketing

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