Regarding Rochioli: Visiting Rochioli Winery, and their Historic Family Vineyards


Rochioli Winery & Vineyards: Meeting Joe Rochioli, Jr. and Tom Rochioli


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I was lucky enough to meet with Joe Rochioli, Jr. and Tom Rochioli, and receive a tour of Rochioli Estate. Tom drove me through the property along the Russian River, then let me taste several wines from their substantial portfolio. Because Tom ferments each block separately, he is able to taste the unique differences between what are otherwise uniformly planted and comparable sections of the vineyard. The soil diversity, as well as clonal diversity that typifies Rochioli Estate, along with the dedicated vineyard management generate quality fruit that have made the Rochioli Vineyards, and their wines highly regarded, and award winning.

More on the Rochioli family story, and their wines tomorrow!


Regarding Rochioli 2: A Life in Wine, Joe Rochioli, Jr.:

Thank you to Tom Rochioli, and to Joe Rochioli, Jr.

Thank you to Kanchan Kincade.

Thank you to Dan Fredman.

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