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Alaska Holiday 2: Family Photos, Visiting my Uncle and Auntee


My father’s family is Inupiat from the Norton Sound area of Alaska on the Western Coast, just below where the nose of the state, the Seward Peninsula, stretches out towards Siberia. My Uncle and Auntee come down from Unalakleet in the winters now to spend the cold months with their granddaughter outside Wasilla. We were able to drive out this past week to visit, and left with beluga muktuk, and hard-smoke salmon. What a treat!

I’m the youngest of three girls. My father is the youngest of three boys. My birthday is the same as my cousins, but I was born the year after he died in an accident. As a result, my Uncle and Auntee have always called me “Baby girl” in honor of the day I share with their late son.

Here are photos of our family. My Auntee is Athabascan from Interior Alaska. She is about to turn 82!

Two brothers

two brothers–my dad is on the left

Auntee Mary and me

Auntee Mary and I

Auntee Mary and Jr

Auntee Mary and Jr

Jr and Uncle Leonard

Jr and Uncle Leonard

Uncle Leonard and me

Uncle Leonard and I

Two Brothers

my Dad and Uncle Leonard

All of us

from left: Jr and I, Mom and Dad (in the back), Auntee Mary, Uncle Leonard, niece Mari, and sister Melanie

Uncle Leonard


Happy Holidays!

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