Portraits from Victoria, Australia


I love wine. We know this. That said, the reason I do this is for the people. Here are a few portraits of people I was lucky enough to spend time with in Victoria.

More photos and write-ups of these and other wines to follow. Finally back to an internet connection.

Portraits from Victoria

 Ray Nedeson, Maree Collis, Alex Byrne, Lethbridge Wine, Byrne Wines

Ray Nadeson and Maree Collis of Lethbridge Wine, Alex Bryne, Bryne Wines

Tom and Sally Belford, and kids, Bobar Wine

Tom and Sally Belford (and kids), Bobar Wines

Gary Mills, Jamsheed Wine

Gary Mills, Jamsheed Wines

Mike Bennie, Mac Forbes, Mac Forbes Wines

Mike Bennie, Mac Forbes

Mac Forbes

Mac Forbes, Mac Forbes Wines

Timo Mayer, Mayer Wines

Timo Mayer, Mayer Wine

Ian Marks, Gembrook Wines

Ian Marks, Gembrook Hill

Ian and June Marks, Gembrook Wines

Ian and June Marks, Gembrook Hill

Stu Proud, Yarra Valley

Stu Proud, Yarra Valley Viticulturalist

Mike Bennie, Elaine Brown

Mike Bennie, Me


What a beautiful region.

Thank you.

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