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Going Home: Walk Around Flagstaff


Visiting Flagstaff in March: Mixed Signs of the Season

Jr and I are back in Flagstaff, Arizona visiting friends for her Spring Break. Though I’m born and raised in Alaska, I grew up in Flagstaff. Our lives here included more than seven years with me going from being simply a graduate student of Philosophy at McGill University in Montreal, to becoming a professional philosopher teaching at Northern Arizona University here. It’s been over a year now since I resigned from my position in academia, about nine months since we moved from the Southwest. The thing about Flagstaff? It stays much the same. Nice most of all to be back here with friends.

Per request from some friends and a few readers, tomorrow we’ll be driving South to Cottonwood to taste with AZ Stronghold, and Pillsbury Wines.

Here’s a few photos from walking around town that give you a feel for the place.

Classic AZ-Drive Thru Liquor

Classic Arizona: All Signs Point to the Inessential Drive-Thru Liquor Store

Buds not yet open

March offers conflicted signs of the season: buds not yet open

Multi-colored leaves

Leaves of the bush in colors still turned from Winter frost

Fir and Sky

What kept me in Flagstaff so long: sky sky blue blue sky. The clarity and high contrast colors of life at elevation

Birch and Sky

Winter Birch cut against the blue blue sky


Stopping by my friend’s place for an afternoon chat: Caleb Schiff’s Pizzicletta

Caleb Delivering Bread to the CSA

Walking with Caleb to deliver Pizzicletta’s bread to the local CSA

A town still ready for snow

A town with no snow still ready for winter: it’ll come again soon. It always does.

Sugar Mamas Bakery

Visiting another friend’s, Lisa Born, bakery, Sugar Mamas

Some of the Sugar Mamas goods

Their first day open two years ago I bought out all the cupcakes and brought them to campus for the Existentialism class. Sisyphus’s rock is easier with frosting

The town defined--Route 66, the Mountain, 4x4 truck, and the tracks

Flagstaff defined: old shops on Route 66 in view of the Sacred San Francisco Peaks, with a 4×4 truck crossing the trans-continental Railroad line



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  1. gah, i miss it! it’s so interesting to me that i miss it! i’ve spent a total of, what? fourteen days there, maybe twenty. but there’s something about the clear, dry, rarefied air that lures you in. i’d love to visit in the summer sometime, having only ever been there at the spring equinox.

    • Kate, it’s lovely in the summer time there. I’ve lived lots of places where either Spring, or Fall is actually the better season so I got used to the idea that it *isn’t* obvious that Summer is the best time in some town. It’s gorgeous in summer in Flagstaff though.

  2. Hey man! That liquor store is first a block from my house, and second the only place in town that carries both my favorite bourbon and gin. It is completely essential!

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