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Photos from a Tasting at Shake Ridge Vineyard, Amador


Photos from Shake Ridge

Ann Kraemer, and the Kraemer family hosted a tour and tasting of Shake Ridge Vineyard in Amador County yesterday. The site grows several-tens of acres of  primarily red varieties planted on a mix of rootstocks, and a host of training styles. It’s a beautiful site.

The event began with pork belly sliders and a walk from the entrance of the vineyard almost to the far end, stopping under shaded groves along the way to taste wines. Each of the wineries that use Shake Ridge fruit were represented. After the walk, dinner was served with the opportunity to re-taste the wines, and talk more with the winemakers.

Here are photos from the event.

Shake Ridge Vineyard

A Tribute to Grace 2011 Shake Ridge Wines

A Tribute to Grace 2011 Shake Ridge Graciano, and Grenache

Shake Ridge

Enfield Wine Co Tempranillo

Enfield Wine Co 2011 Shake Ridge Tempranillo

Forlorn Hope side-by-side Barbera

two versions of Barbera from Shake Ridge, Forlorn Hope Wine

Matthew Rorick, Forlorn Hope

Matthew Rorick, Forlorn Hope Wine

Dirty & Rowdy 2011 Shake Ridge Mourvedre

Dirty & Rowdy 2011 Shake Ridge Mourvedre

Shake Ridge

Evan Frazier, Ferdinand Wine

Evan Frazier, Ferdinand Wine

Don Kraemer

Helen Keplinger and Chris Pittenger

Chris Pittenger and Helen Keplinger

Randy Capuso and John Lockwood

John Lockwood and Randy Caparoso

Shake Ridge Wines

wines of Shake Ridge

Amy Seese and Sue Kraemer

Amy Seese and baby, Sue Kraemer

Winemakers of Shake Ridge

the winemakers of Shake Ridge

Jr sitting in Shake Ridge Vineyard

Jr sitting within rows of head-trained Zinfandel, Shake Ridge


Sending our best to Ann.

Thank you to Ann Kraemer. Thank you to the Kraemer family.

Thank you to Hardy Wallace.

To read more about Shake Ridge, check out this great article by Jon Bonné on some of the lesser known, high quality vineyards of California: http://www.sfgate.com/food/article/California-s-best-lesser-known-vineyards-3294626.php#page-2

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