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Photos from a day in Venice: (aka. Praise God, may I have more time there)


Photos from a Quick Trip to Venice

On my recent press trip to Italy we were able to fit in a quick over night stop in Venice. I’d flown through the airport but never had time to stay in the city itself. Honestly? I slept as well there as I did the last time I returned to my Great Grandparents (now defunct) home in remote Alaska — my childhood summer home. That is, really really well.

The thing about Venice is there aren’t any roadways. It’s just stone alleys interconnected with bridges. The city is a series of islands without modern day roads. The rumble of cars, and low din of engines we’re so accustomed to in most places doesn’t exist in Venice. For that alone it felt wonderful. But wandering the little alleys wasn’t too shabby either.

Our morning in Venice was our one time to ourselves on the trip. I spent my two hours purposefully navigating the islands without a map so I could test my inner compass on a city without square intersections. I had no destination in mind. I just wanted to see the place. So I set off with the idea I’d turn left to start and circle out for an hour, then return a different route, hopefully ending up to the right of where I started. I had one brief moment of panic five minutes before I was supposed to be back at the hotel to meet the group for the airport return. But, as my adrenaline rose I looked to my left, and there, it turned out, was the Prada store just around the corner from where we stayed. I made it!

Here are some photos from the brief visit. It’s beautiful there.

Entering the canals of Venice

To get from the Venice airport to the city of Venice demands a 45-minute boat ride across a small sea. Venice is a series of islands interconnected by bridges, with travel through the city occurring on the islands on foot, or between by boat. Here we’re entering the city via one of the small canals.

Traveling past homes in Venice into the center of the city

Entering the city includes travel along the backs of people’s homes, including view of their daily wash.

Heading out for cocktails and dinner

Visiting the Gritti Palace for drinks

After arrival, we set out to investigate local cocktail culture with our first stop at the Gritti Palace.

Inside the Gritti Palace

Inside the Gritti Palace Bar Longhi.

View from the Gritti Palace

The view from the back of Gritti Palace, where we sat–Santa Maria della Salute Church

Trying Grappa cocktails

Trying grappa cocktails with Nonino’s anniversary Picolit single varietal, the Passion Friuli, developed by Mirko Falconi

Meeting Mixologist Mirko Falconi

Gritti Palace mixologist, Mirko Falconi

Dinner at Taverna Fenice

Visiting Taverna La Fenice, around the corner from the opera house, for cocktails and dinner

Bartender Gennaro Florio

Fenice mixologist, Gennaro Florio

Ribolla Grappa

I follow around Ribolla Gialla, so I was excited to spot this bottle of Nonino’s Ribolla single varietal grappa.

Gennaro making us his signature cocktail

After dinner, Gennaro made us one of his signature cocktails, an espresso-grappa-kahlua concoction finished off with vaporized black tea and ginger. It was surprising for its lightness and delicate layering of flavors.


The morning

I took only a few pictures in the morning as I wanted to focus on wandering instead. Venice is one of those places where every corner is full of charm so I could have had a photo at every stop. My goal was to take streets with few people.

The view from my room

The shutters on my hotel windows helped with the good sleep. Once I realized how to open them here was the view from my room.

The view from my room

The view looking straight down

One of the canals

Setting out, turning left. This guy really was singing. I mean, GEEZ.

The view of Santa Maria della Salute Cathedral

Santa Maria della Salute church from the other direction

Wandering in Venice

one of Venice’s tiny alleyways

Wandering in Venice

Wandering in Venice

When you don’t avoid the crowds, this is what it looks like. The square in front of St Mark’s Cathedral.

Back at the hotel

Arriving back at the hotel just in time.

Jeremy and I in Venice

One of the big bonuses of this trip was getting to travel part of it with dear friend, Jeremy Parzen of Do Bianchi. We met up in Friuli (where we first met), then traveled to Venice, and on to Montalcino. It was great to see him.


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  1. What a great memory of our trip! 🙂 I love that photo. 🙂 It was kinda surreal, wasn’t it? But so much fun to get to hang in Italy with you again (this time outside of Friuli!). You’ll get back to Venice, I know it… Hope to see you soon in Bay Area… thanks for the pic! I love it! 🙂 abbraccio j

  2. It was a great trip and you were a blast to spend time with. I lingered on these images, but now back to work: trying to figure out the exact proportions of Mirko’s Passion Friuli from my befuddled notes. Note to self: try not to have delirious fun and attempt to commit journalism at the same time.

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