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Growing Delectable: Expanding communication through VinTank


A Look at the Delectable-VinTank Exclusive Partnership

Delectable Screen Shot

a screen shot of Delectable 3.0s new Regions’ tracking

In a development announced just today (Wednesday, October 16, 2013), Delectable has partnered with VinTank. The partnership is exclusive for both companies, effectively pumping VinTank’s massive social media capabilities through the Delectable Application.

Delectable is known primarily as a wine app available for iPhone users in which they can record, and share the wines they’ve been drinking, as well as follow others in the worldwide community. With their recent 3.0 upgrade, the app has also integrated an exciting regional mapping system, and a wine recommendation system. The synchronicity of Delectable’s 3.0 release with the iPhone 7.0 upgrade also expanded the International user base.

VinTank is known as a well established tool for wineries to track social media. When using VInTank, wineries receive a signal that someone is talking about them, letting them know what is said, and who they are. Perhaps most importantly, via the VinTank platform, those wineries are then also able to respond directly through the chatter to say thank you to a consumer for drinking their wine. As VinTank CEO, Paul Mabray, explains, “we’re working to make wineries more human and engaging by helping to connect the consumer with who is behind the bottle, to build a relationship.” The platform makes connection between wineries and consumers easier.

VinTank already tracks wine engagement through the social media channels of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and FourSquare. The new partnership makes Delectable the only wine app with such a high level of connection, treated at a similar level as Twitter or Four Square within VinTank’s platform. Delectable’s program is currently only available for iPhone users. However, with VinTank, wineries are able to comment within Delectable from outside the Delectable system, making it possible for Android (for example) users to also engage.

The partnership for Delectable with VinTank, then, deepens the connectivity between winery and consumer in the Delectable framework as well. Winemakers have already been using the application, thereby sharing their wine drinking experiences with an interested consumer audience. With the new partnership, those same winemakers are now able to more readily interact with consumers that are drinking their wine.

In this context, part of what is significant about Delectable is the self-selected nature of the app. People downloading a wine only application to use on their iPhones have already crossed a threshold of engagement with wine that isn’t obvious through the other social media channels. Delectable is thereby giving VinTank customers the highest level of social media relevance–already known-to-be wine lovers.

From the consumer perspective, VinTank’s access to Delectable makes contact with the producers of the wines they love more possible. As Delectable CEO, Alex Fishman, explains, “we’re trying to develop interaction [with winemakers and producers] for people that can’t travel around the world meeting with them directly.” Delectable users continue with the app in the same way they already have but behind the scenes the scale of engagement has increased via VinTank by giving wineries easier and better access.

As Fishman describes, “the single most exciting project for us, from the beginning, is deepening the connections between consumers and producers.”


More on Delectable 3.0 in the next couple weeks.

Full disclosure: I use Delectable.


Thank you Alex Fishman, Julia Weinberg, and Dan Fredman.

Thank you to Paul Mabray.

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  1. Thanks for this! Sounds like an exciting integration. Have been cheerleading for Delectable to step up Android development. Sounds like only producers will benefit from VinTank’s multiplatform capabilities. True?

    • Hi Deborah,
      Thank you! Yes, currently only those utilizing VinTank’s actual framework will be able to take advantage of the multiplatform interaction. I do know that VinTank is working towards Android compatibility though!
      Cheers, and thank you again,

      • Swell– does this mean an expanded staff of developers serving both VT & Delectable? Inquiring geeky minds want to know…

        • Deborah,
          We are trying to expand our development staff as fast as possible. As a self funded company we, unfortunately, are constrained in our growth by the adoption of our paying customers. That being said we continue to enhance our software to be “mission control” for all things social media and Silicon Valley raves at our innovation and software. It is our goal to create the ultimate connection between wineries and customers. We have lots of great surprises, features and partnerships that we will be announcing over the upcoming months.

          Thank you.

  2. Love your posts. You highlight great producers and always informative.

    Great. This means less time in the winery and vineyard. We all know they have too much time on their hands anyway. I expect UC Davis to include a class on this for all their graduates. This week we learn about the aspects of fermentation, next week how to log on and respond.
    Some wineries will be forced to hire a media person. Too much tech. Enough already. Put your phone down and enjoy the moment with the people you are having a glass with. The ones sitting beside you.
    No need for the winery to travel across the country and host wine dinners either. That they probably like.

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