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IWSC Wine Communicator of the Year Shortlist – that’s me!


Every year, the International Wine & Spirits Competition, one of the most prestigious wine judging groups in the world, requests nominations for their prestigious Wine Communicator of the Year award. Writers, speakers, educators, and broadcasters from all over the world are considered and then a shortlist of who they deem the top five are selected based on their contributions in wine for the previous year. The most respected wine communicators in the world have won over the last two decades. I am deeply honored, grateful, and a bit overwhelmed to announce I have been named as one of the top five based on both my writing and speaking/seminar work. Enormous thanks to the International Wine & Spirits Competition for the recognition. Thank you too to those who nominated me. I am so grateful.

Here’s a link to their quick article announcing my inclusion: https://www.iwsc.net/news/iwsc/iwsc-wine-communicator-shortlist-elaine-chukan-brown


  1. You’ve provided inspiration for me over the years by reading your communications, about wine and your philosophy of life!
    Seriously! You deserve everything that is existentially important for your life and also brings joy to you.
    ~ Robert Hamilton

  2. Congratulations! This is great news…and so deserved. Thanks for all the hard work and great writing you do!

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