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  1. fredric koeppel
    fredric koeppel at | | Reply

    You describe so beautifully those moments I’ve experienced at wineries and estates in Europe, South American, Australia, the West Coast, those points of friendship and intimacy — with people I may never see again — about their love and discipline and hard work and disappointment, not so much in regard to the finished product, the wine in the bottle, but about the land and the soil, the vineyard, the grapes as they burgeon through the growing season. There’s something indescribable about that brief closeness when a farmer or producer or winemaker talks about the inextricable connection to the earth and the process of nurture and harvest that makes writing about wine the most worthwhile, because in that connection and that talk lie the truth of what we’re all after, if we’re serious about wine and writing. Thanks for this, and I hope it serves as inspiration for others to face their fears and to exrtend themselves into the unknown…

  2. maria stuart
    maria stuart at | | Reply

    beautiful, Hawk. thank you

  3. Beau
    Beau at | | Reply

    Thank you for sharing this with us, I feel as if I already know you even though we’ve never met.

  4. Alana Gentry
    Alana Gentry at | | Reply

    As Fredric wrote, you really captured the thrill of relating to someone in an intimate way. It’s the best part of the job.

  5. clare carver
    clare carver at | | Reply

    going gently and recognizing how we touch and effect each other is such a good end game – thank you for sharing … I meant the leather feet as a compliment – I saw in you a woman of strength and carefully placed feet at the same time….. I so enjoyed your company at the farm… I look forward to the next time we get a chance … best wishes in your adventure…

  6. Michael in Seattle
    Michael in Seattle at | | Reply

    Howdy! Nele said i’d find you here …

    You are missed.


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