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  1. abe
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    I put a lot of time and energy into marketing. I write many, many words, and love the writing. But I do not think that I have ever written straight forward description of a wine as part of a “marketing effort”; there is not a single tasting note in anything that I have sent out or published. When I prepare and compose my mailings, I spend hours reviewing, selecting, and editing the single photographic image that is central to each missive. It is funny– it is perfectly clear to me that I am selling something that tastes, and whose central, and fundamental virtue is that it tastes REALLY GOOD– yet I can’t imagine trying to sell wine through tasting notes, or doing without images of human beings at work.

  2. Jason Brumley
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    Personally, I like back stories. To me, taste is so subjective and malleable, dependent upon mood, environment, and other such factors, that I rarely read a pure review of a particular wine. I tend to want to know history, wine making philosophies, etc. These are things that make the winemaker, the winery, and their wines a lot more than a 2-dimensional representation. I agree that most people are incredibly influenced by images, but I like words.That being said, those words have never influenced me to the point that I have gone out and purchased a wine because someone said that it was “zippy with herbal notes and hints of wet slate”.

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