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    [...] Lily Elaine Hawk Wakawaka visits the Sta Rita Hills.  [...]

  2. Colin Murphy
    Colin Murphy at | | Reply

    Nice post. I don’t believe, however, that Pence is in the Sta Rita Hills AVA.

  3. Sandy
    Sandy at | | Reply

    Diatomaceous soils are not sandy… they are diatomaceous.

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    [...] Having graduated from UC Berkeley in 1965, Richard Sanford had a hunch that the cool climate of Santa Rosa Road, approaching the ocean, would serve grape vines. In 1970, along with Michael Benedict, he planted about a remote curve of [...]

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    [...] in wine education. Additionally, Parr helped Paterlini gain harvest experience with winemaker Sashi Moorman in Santa Barbara County, working in the Lompoc wine ghetto, side by side with many of the best labels from that region. In [...]

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    […] the Sta Rita Hills as part of two weeks devoted to Santa Barbara County wine, here one of the dogs of Pence […]

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    […] just in the sideways valleys and mountain ranges, but in the rock and soil formations throughout. Sta Rita Hills itself stands unique for US AVAs, distinctly differing bands of soil side-by-side within a coherent […]

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    […] the Sta Rita Hills, for example, overt soil changes visibly appear along roadside with more sandy loam showing through […]

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