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  1. Jeremy Parzen
    Jeremy Parzen at | | Reply

    You are the Bradbury of wine blogging! This post… this post… is so rich with layered meaning… Picard’s legacy as a savior of the the world (resistance was indeed useful!) is only amplified by his contribution to the epistemological implications of the vine… (and I know that you know that I am most sincere in my observation). Elaine, what a thrilling post! And yes, yes, yes! Picard lets us see a world just beyond our reach… (I’ll explain the ST reference to Alice when I see her in a few days). Elaine, just let me say it again, I am thrilled by this blog post! Happy pesce d’aprile!

  2. Alain Harvey
    Alain Harvey at | | Reply

    Simply a stellar wine review. Jean-Luc Picard is not only an amazing vintner but possesses the vision and leadership of a true captain of the industry.

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  4. katems
    katems at | | Reply

    hahaha, i love this! it is the most brilliant wine blog post EVER.

    1. Jeremy Parzen
      Jeremy Parzen at | | Reply

      I know, right? :) Chapeau bas, Elaine!

  5. Christopher Watkins
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    Just a quick note to express my appreciation for having had the opportunity to host you last week; such a pleasure!


    Christopher Watkins
    Manager, Monte Bello
    Retail Sales & Hospitality
    Host: “4488: A RIDGE Blog”

  6. Cathy van Zyl
    Cathy van Zyl at | | Reply

    What an inspiring story, truly of galactical proportions. I’d like to represent the winery in South Africa. Please contact me urgently. Make it so.

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