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A wine drawing philosopher with a heart of gold. aka. #firekitten

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  1. Jeff Sidwell
    Jeff Sidwell at | | Reply

    How did you go about tasting the acid solutions? What are they made of?

  2. Dwayne Bershaw
    Dwayne Bershaw at | | Reply

    Expand your tasting next time and try lactic, citric, acetic, and succinic acids. They’re all fun in different ways.

  3. Michael Donohue
    Michael Donohue at | | Reply

    I am intrigued that you found different parts of your tongue reacting to the different acids, as I had been led to believe that modern research has debunked the old “wine map” of the tongue (except there still seems to be consensus that we initially detect sweetness on the tip). Sounds like you had great fun!

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