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  1. Terroirist: A Daily Wine Blog » Why the VinTank / Delectable Partnership Is a Big Deal

    […] the wine world was abuzz with news that VinTank, the wine industry’s leading social-media monitoring platform, had […]

  2. Deborah Heath
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    Thanks for this! Sounds like an exciting integration. Have been cheerleading for Delectable to step up Android development. Sounds like only producers will benefit from VinTank’s multiplatform capabilities. True?

  3. John
    John at | | Reply

    Love your posts. You highlight great producers and always informative.

    Great. This means less time in the winery and vineyard. We all know they have too much time on their hands anyway. I expect UC Davis to include a class on this for all their graduates. This week we learn about the aspects of fermentation, next week how to log on and respond.
    Some wineries will be forced to hire a media person. Too much tech. Enough already. Put your phone down and enjoy the moment with the people you are having a glass with. The ones sitting beside you.
    No need for the winery to travel across the country and host wine dinners either. That they probably like.

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