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  1. Nathan Zimmerman
    Nathan Zimmerman at | | Reply

    Very interesting summary of the Santa Barbara County wine country. Thank you. Having been there three times it is the place where my interest in wine first took root (so to speak) and I have often thought about how the geography produces the varied climate conditions that lead to such a plethora of excellent wines (thanks, of course, to the efforts of talented winemakers and vineyard managers).
    Looking forward to your take on the Finger Lakes. (ahem) :-)

  2. Patrick
    Patrick at | | Reply

    So what do you think: Should Sta. Rita Hills AVA be expanded toward the East, as some growers there want to do?

    1. Wes Hagen
      Wes Hagen at | | Reply

      As the original petitioner of the SRH, I am vehemently against an expansion to the east/Northeast, as are every original petitioner and a unanimous vote from the Board of Sta Rita Hills Winegrowers.

      The petitioner surprised all the stakeholders in the AVA with the expansion, and it was surprising that he did not engage with any of the original petitioners.

      The petition seeks to expand the region into an area regionally known as the Buellton Flats. It is clear and easy to see, driving the area, that the two areas (in and out of the AVA) are defined by a coastal throat (within) and a wide-open expanse of land where the concentrated marine influence ends.

      As the original petitioner, with 20 years of experience in the SRH, I can say without hesitation that the expansion would dilute the integrity and consistency of the SRH AVA, and would encourage other local landowners (82 properties are cut by the current boundary) to likewise petition.

      I hate to bring up Domino Theory, but it is strongly in play here. Please support the original winemakers who made this area special by writing a letter of opposition to (2 sentences saying you oppose), and do not support wineries/brands that are trying to co-opt our reputation and decades of hard work by litigation/petition, and not by engagement and the friendly cooperation that used to define this region.

      Thanks! Any questions on this subject can be directed to me:

  3. Stephen
    Stephen at | | Reply

    This is really excellent. So… when you take Foxen cyn N out of Los Olivos all the way back up in there to Zaca and Alisos: That’s all SYV? Obviously before you drop down into Tempesquet and SMV. Also, with all the hoopla surrounding Ballard and Happy AVA’s recently, I honestly had only a vague concept of where Ballard was haha. Excellent mapage!


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