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Wine Review Comic: Gosset Brut Grand Rose Champagne


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  1. Beautifully done. I can see you carving out a niche in the wine world with this format, as I do not believe anybody else has done reviews in this way.
    I’ve never tried this champagne before and now I am clamoring to do so.

  2. Thanks, Melanie! In case you haven’t seen them, wine review comics like this are also just beginning to appear weekly on The Wine Loft, Flagstaff, AZ facebook fan page. Wines that are carried by the Wine Loft will be featured there (one is up already), and wines not available through the Wine Loft will appear here.

    There is a link to the current review available under the “Other Comics Projects” tab just below the RACHEL LEARNS TO DRIVE title, in case you haven’t seen the other wine review there yet. If you haven’t, check it out–it’s a Napa Cab that I think you’d like, and would be a good one to try out sharing with anyone you may know that’s Napa Cab obsessed (ha!). A good middle ground, for your style, and theirs, I’d say.

    Hope you’re doing really well!

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