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Wine Review: Kila Cava 2009 Vintage Brut


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There are three regulated sparkling wines in the world that follow methode traditionelle–Champagne, Franciacorta, and Cava. This approach to sparkling wine is believed to produce the finest quality bubbles allowing for rich complexity, well integrated flavors, and better ease on your head the next day if you inadvertently drink too much.

The challenge of producing sparkling wines in the traditional method, and the quality produced from it generally lead to a higher price tag. It takes a long time to tend to all those bottles with their twice-fermenting juice. Thus, the miracle of the Kila Cava–it retails at around $10 (I’ve found it online from a lot of places for less!) while offering a sparkling wine worth drinking for more. To add to the attraction, though vintage cavas are rare, the Kila Cava is made from its 2009 selection.

This is a pleasantly drinkable, clean, and palate cleansing sparkling wine. It’s nice on its own, and does well as an apertif too, but would pair with a range of foods (I was reading recently about people pairing toasty cavas with bbq even). As said, the Kila Cava is an incredible value definitely worth considering when you decide to jump on that “making it through another day is cause of celebration” + “celebrate with bubbles” band wagon. While you won’t stack this drink side-by-side against your high end champagnes or franciacortas, it will brighten up your day when you can’t afford to pull out that $100-and-up bottle.

The aroma and flavors here are pleasantly toasty, with apple and citrus fruit plus citrus flowers blended in. This is a nice example of how drinkable a cava can be, and also pours as an imbibing parallel to the incredible potential of a cheap date. The best cheap dates cost little money, have both people getting along easily, simply because they do, with a pleasant effervescent spark of attraction and charm. And, they end with you wanting that second date too. Kila Cava offers precisely that–simple, easy, inexpensive, charm, with you willing to buy it again to have another bottle.

Now that we’ve settled that, you bring me some food from Catalonia, and I’ll bring the cava. We’ll share.


Thank you to Rich Edwards from Synergy for sharing this wine with me.

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