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Happy Mom Day, Kiddo! You sure do crack me up.


Two winters ago, the photographer Carol Bily Hagen put up with Rachel and I long enough to capture a portrait for my parents. Here are some of the outtakes that show why it took longer than a one-click snap. I love these. They’re so goofy.

Finally Carol just made us move to break up our laughing fit. The following is the portrait we eventually gave Grammie and Bobba.

Happy Mom’s Day to all of you!


A reader asked what my Mom’s Day wine would be, and what I imagine a perfect mom’s day to look like. The thing about being an only parent is that you make holidays for your kid all on your own. There isn’t another grown up there to make this stuff happen, nor one your kids happen to go to so you end up with a parenting day off. By now that means my dreams are all about keeping things simple. So, honest-to-god when I wake up on a holiday morning what I fantasize about is just someone else making my coffee for me. Simple, delicious joy. If we are going to add a wine on top of that splendor though, today it would be the Oremus 5 puttonyos 2000 Tokaji Aszu I wrote about a few days ago. It’s the perfect drink to sip throughout the day alongside everything. Cheers!


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