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Turning Home 8: Family Photos


Life Long Friends

Cathy, Melanie, and I have been lucky enough to grow up together, and grow up together fishing too. Commercial fishing is such a peculiar way of life, there is a kind of relief in being close to others that have shared in it while also experiencing life else where. Cathy went to high school in Anchorage, and started fishing with our family around her sophomore year. We all grew up cross country running and ski racing together too.

little man, Oliver, took these two pics of Cathy, Melanie, and I

Family Photos

We haven’t had all the grandkids with each of the three sisters together out in Naknek ever–two of the grandkids are younger than the time since my last visit out here. So, we made a point of getting family photos. Hopefully some with my mom and dad later too.

The Grandkids

from left: Oliver, 5; Emily 8; Mariana, 10; Rachel, 12; Melissa 17

my girl, 12-year old Rachel

Paula’s Family

from left: Paula, Emily, Kevin, Melissa

Paula and Melissa


Paula and I

Melanie and I

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