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Turning Home 9: The Vehicles of Bristol Bay, for Cathy


Cathy asked me to do a series on the crazy vehicles of Bristol Bay.

Getting any cars, trucks, or work equipment to the area depends on the machinery being brought across the ocean by enormous barge. As a result, people put a lot of effort into keeping cars and trucks running for extended periods. The unique work of the area also demands a big range of equipment so that between the older cars, and the enormous cranes, you end up encountering a huge range of vehicles.

For Cathy, here’s a selection. They give an interesting picture of the place.

Some of these cars start with a push button rather than a standard key ignition. Many are held together in places by rope, wires, or clamps.

the truck I learned to drive on. A 1976 F-250 converted into flatbed.

cork toothed stationwagon, sometimes also wears moose antlers

the fishing crew calls this the chicken wagon

the local fire truck, sourced from the old Air Force base

they honestly still drive this thing

this volvo is attached to a massive trailer for towing boats

this stationwagon has the back door torn off and the backseat plexiglassed in so that it sits like a car but can be loaded in back like a truck.

this is the only vehicle in this series not still actively running and driven

these dump trucks are used to pick up salmon from the set net sites

Melissa, Cathy, and I had a great time looking for vehicles together one day. Melanie and I the day before. Thanks!

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  1. I love it!
    Every now and then I get to thinking about Naknek and come back to visit the Naknek vehicle assortment…Makes me feel all happy

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