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Willamette 1: Walk About in the Granary District: Matello, Dominio IV, Remy Wine, Burton Bittman


More on IPNC 2012 to follow. In the meantime, the visits in Willamette Valley wine have already started.


Downtown McMinnville hosts an up and coming winery zone called the Granary District. While Eyrie Vineyards winery has been locatedĀ since its inception at the edge of the Granary District, several newer locales have opened in the area alongside a recent shift to include a few shops, and food venues plus markets. A few of us were able to do a walk around series of visits to three different wineries in or beside the Granary District, each opened by the label we tasted, and designed to host and support other wine makers as well. Finally, we tasted with a brand new, not yet released wine (drinking from an unlabeled bottle, it turns out, is one of my very favorite things to do).

Visiting the Granary District: Matello Wines, Dominio IV Wines, Remy Wines, and Burton Bittman


Matello Wines

Marcus Goodfellow of Matello Wines

“There are three rules for Matello, when possible: (1) The fruit is from North Willamette Valley; (2) It is non-irrigated; (3) It is farmed by people that own and primarily operate their vineyards.” –Marcus Goodfellow

2011 Pinot Gris, 2010 Chardonnay, 2010 Viognier, 2010 Clover, 2010 Whistling Ridge Blanc Blend

Pinot Noir: 2010 Lazarus, 2010 Homage, 2010 Souris, 2010 Durant Vineyard, 2009 Whistling Ridge



Dominio IV Wines

Patrick Reuter of Dominio IV Wines

“We started with 350 cases, and no capitol, and had to build it from there. We had been in Carlton Wine Maker’s Studio for seven years. It had just opened up. It helps wineries in their incubation stage, and it give us a 3-4 year window when we didn’t have to invest in capitol. But, eventually, we wanted to buy equipment to suit what we were doing, to how we make wine.” –Patrick Reuter

2011 Viognier, 2010 Pinot Noir Tapis, 2005 Tempranillo Tango

2007 Columbia Gorge Syrah You Write in Wine



Remy Wines, Three Wives

Remy Drabkin of Remy Wines

“Remy Wines follow rules–they’re all Italian, single vineyard, and varietal–single grape–wines. Three Wives is to play.” –Remy Drabkin

2010 Dolcetto

2010 Sangiovese

2009 Remy’s Red Blend; 2011 Pinot Gris Ramato



Burton Bittman

Anneka Miller of Burton Bittman

“The wine is named for inspiring strong women on my mother’s and my father’s side. My grandmother Burton never got to go to college, and she dreamed of being a journalist. The name, and the wine is partially for them.” –Anneka Miller

the first vintage: 2010, 595 bottles

waiting for the labels: 2010 Willamette Valley [Coury Clone] Pinot Noir


Thank you to Anneka Miller for inviting us to be among the first to taste your first vintage. I took notes and will be working on a comic of it! I really do love tasting from still unlabeled bottles.

Thank you to Remy Drabkin, Patrick Reuter, and Marcus Goodfellow–further write ups on each to follow. Congratulations on your new spaces in the Granary District!

Thank you to Jason Lett.

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  1. I finally got to try the Burton Bittman wine and I love it. I hope life is good for you, Miss E. (I mean Hawk). šŸ˜‰


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