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Happy International Champagne Day!!


It is Champagne Day, Everybody!

My favorite thing: champagne.

All over the world today there are events planned of people getting together to drink wines from that special chalky region of France that makes such lovely bubbles.

Ever wonder how they do it? Here’s a comic that goes over the basic steps of Methode Traditionnelle, or Champenoise.

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There are also various requirements regarding time spent on lees to add richness of texture and flavor (residual yeast left after fermentation), and overall aging. But the comic gets at the big steps of the production process.

Following are a few graphic tasting notes of some favored champagnes.

Champagne Reviews

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Plans tonight?

Remarkably, I’ve never drawn reviews for some of my very favorite champagnes. I’ve made a point of drinking grower’s champagnes often (the wine itself is done by the person that also grows the grapes, something not all that common in the region, as most grapes are sold for wine made at a higher production level than grower’s champagne implies). My sister and I started the project years ago, and sharing in it with her has added to the rich sweetness of the experience.

Plans for tonight? If I had my way I’d share each of the Egly-Ouriet champagnes tonight with friends and loved ones.

I hope you enjoy your Champagne day!


Want to learn more about champagne–the region and the wine? You couldn’t do better than Peter Liem’s Champagne Guide. The site is well worth visiting, and subscribing to. Check it out here: http://www.champagneguide.net/

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  1. Happy Champagne Day to you too! Will toast you from our Champagne Day event at the Ventura State Beach with the Jolly Oyster! Next year, I am hoping to get my hands on some grower champagne!

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