Exploring the Santa Cruz Mountains: Sommelier Journal Terroir Experience, Day 1

Sommelier Journal hosts an annual Terroir Experience tour of a wine region. Currently a few of us are deep in the Santa Cruz Mountains on their 2013 trip. Following are photos of Day 1, touring the Santa Cruz Mountain AVA. The appellation is defined by its presence above the fog line (all above 800 ft), and its mountain topography. At its inception in 1981, it was one of the first US appellations to be defined by mountain geography. It is also known for being sparsely populated. We toured Monday in full fog, it lifting a couple times for partial view.

Visiting Mt Eden Vineyard and Winery with Jeffrey Patterson

Jeffrey Patterson

Jeffrey Patterson, winemaker Mt Eden

Looking into Mt Eden Chardonnay

looking into the chardonnay and fog, Mt Eden

The group gathering in the Mt Eden Vineyards

the group gathering on the edge of the vineyards

Listening to Jeffrey Patterson on the deck at Mt Eden

on the deck listening to Jeffrey Patterson discuss the AVA and vineyard

Starting to taste Mt Eden

getting ready to taste

Mt Eden wines

Mt Eden wines

Visiting Ridge Monte Bello with Eric Baugher

Eric Baugher

arriving at the Ridge Monte Bello Winery with winemaker Eric Baugher

barrel samples with Eric Baugher

barrel tasting the 2012 Ridge Monte Bello

barrel tasting with Eric Baugher

barrel tasting the 2012 Ridge Geyserville

Tasting Ridge Monte Bello

Tasting Ridge

Lunch at House Family Vineyards, and tasting with other wineries

entering House Family Vineyards

entering House Family Vineyards

looking through the Cabernet vines, House Family Vineyard

looking through the Cabernet vines, House Family Vineyards

Cabernet, House Family Vineyard

House Family VIneyards

lunch with Michael Martella

sitting with Michael Martella of Fogarty Vineyards

lunch with Eric Baugher

sitting with Eric Baugher, Ridge Vineyards

Kathryn Kennedy 1997 Cabernet

Kathryn Kennedy 1997 Cabernet

Jerold O'Brien, Silver Mountain

Jerold O’Brien with his 2010 Silver Mountain Chardonnay

Visiting Thomas Fogarty Winery & Vineyards

Tommie Fogarty, Nathan Kandler

Tommie Fogarty, proprieter, and Nathan Kendler, winemaker, Thomas Fogarty

Clone 4 Chardonnay, Thomas Fogarty

clone 4 Chardonnay, Thomas Fogarty Vineyards

Nathan Kandler telling us about the vineyard terroir

listening to Nathan Kandler describe the Thomas Fogarty terroir

Looking up at the Thomas Fogarty winery

looking up at the Thomas Fogarty winery buildings

Through the Damiana Vineyard

looking through the Damiana Vineyard Chardonnay, Thomas Fogarty

Opening the Chardonnay

Marshall opening the Portola Springs Vineyard Chardonnay

Thank you to the Santa Cruz Winemaker Association.

Thank you to David Vogels, Phil Vogels and Randy Caparoso.

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