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Exploring the Santa Cruz Mountains, Chalone, Arroyo Seco: Sommelier Journal Terroir Experience, Day 2


Exploring the Santa Cruz Mountains: Corralitos Region & Pleasant Valley

We continued our exploration of the Santa Cruz Mountains, focusing this morning on the Southern portions around Corralitos and Pleasant Valley, before then continuing South into Chalone AVA, and Arroyo Seco AVA.

Visiting Windy Oaks

standing at the crest of Windy Oaks Vineyard

tasting Pinot Noir at the ridge of Windy Oaks Vineyard

looking through the rows of Jim's block

looking West through the rows of Jim’s block

the view West from the top of Windy Oaks

the view West from Jim’s block, Windy Oaks Vineyard

Windy Oaks Pinot Noir

Windy Oaks Pinot Noir

Lunch & Tasting at Lester Family Vineyards, Corralitos & Pleasant Valley

Prudy Foxx

Prudy Foxx, Lester Family Vineyard viticulturist

Lester Family Vineyards

Lester Family Vineyards

Visiting and Tasting Chalone AVA

Jon Brosseau

Jon Brosseau, viticulturist

Bill Brosseau

Bill Brosseau, winemaker Brosseau Wines

Looking across Brosseau Vineyard

Brosseau Vineyard

Brosseau Vineyard

own rooted Chardonnay, Brosseau Vineyard

Chris Cottrell, Bedrock Wines

Chris Cottrell, Bedrock Wines

Copain Chardonnays

Copain Chardonnays 2009-2011

Tour of, Tasting, and Dinner at Arroyo Seco

old vines Arroyo Seco

looking through old vines, Arroyo Seco

Jeff Meier, J. Lohr

Jeff Meier, J. Lohr Wines

Griva Vineyard

Griva Vineyard

Describing Arroyo Seco

discussing the Arroyo Seco AVA

Rick Smith, Paraiso Springs Vineyards

the barn

tasting at the old barn

Bruce Sterten

Bruce Sterten, Ventana Wines

Chesbro wines

the Chesbros, Chesbro Wines

Roger and Luis

Luis Zabala, viticulturist, and Roger Moitoso, winemaker Scott Wines

Tom Stutz

Tom Stutz, winemaker La Rochelle Wines

tasting in the barn


Thank you to Megan Metz, and the Santa Cruz Mountains Winegrowers Association.

Thank you to the Brosseau Family, and the winemakers of the Chalone AVA.

Thank you to the winegrowers and winemakers of the Arroyo Seco AVA.

Thank you to David Vogels, Phil Vogels, and Randy Caparoso.

All the best to Justin.

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